N/N Brother Jackson Peptoboonsmal Icing Onthe Cat
N/N Brother Tuff Wood Nitas Wood Tuffs Junie
N/N Busy Winin Chex Nu Chex To Cash Tuckers Tuf N Taffy
N/N Chex This Chic Out Smart Chic Olena Peppy Badger Baby
N/N Chics Playgun Playgun Cruella Dville
  Cielo Hickory Gallo De Cielo Oakie Paul Hickory
N/N Desire Rey Dual Rey Playguns Desire
N/N Diablos Painted Doc JR Red Diablo Docs Chantella
N/N Fletch That Cat High Brow Hickory Ms Jae Bar Fletch
  Freckled Leo Lena Smart Little Lena Freckled Leo Girl
N/N Gunner On Ice Colonels Smokingun Dancin For Joy
N/N High Brow Shiner Shining Lil Nic High Brow Meow
  Juan Bad Cat High Brow Cat Juana Twinkle
N/N Judge Boon Peptoboonsmal Missuma
N/N Moms Stilish Cat High Brow Cat Moms Stylish Pepto
  NMSU Truckin Chex - Elvis Nu Chex To Cash NMSU Docs Truckle CJ
N/N Olena Oak Smart Chic Olena Fritzs Oakie Doakie
N/N Shine Big Time Shining Spark Chicks and Chex
  Smart Steady Date Smart Little Lena Docs Steady Date
N/N Sparkling Major Major Vaquero Major Affair

Got Cow Horse Featured Stallions

got cow horse
Got Cow Horse
Featured Stallion

Brother Jackson
LTE: $125,000
breeding fee: $1,000
by: Peptoboonsmal
out of: Shes Icing Onthe Cat
more info

got cow horse
Got Cow Horse
Featured Stallion

Freckled Leo Lena
LTE : $148,244
breeding fee: $2,500
by: Smart Little Lena
out of: Freckled Leo Girl
more info

got cow horse
Got Cow Horse
Featured Stallion

NMSU Truckin Chex - "Elvis"
LTE $200,000
breeding fee: $2,000
by: Nu Chex To Cash
out of: NMSU Doc's Truckle CJ
more info

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GDF - Tested Free of Genetic Disorders :

The American Quarter Horse Association offers a panel test to determine if an American Quarter Horse is a carrier or has any of five genetic diseases. (link to AQHA).
HERDA - Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia (HERDA) also known as Hyperelastosis Cutis (HC) is a genetic skin disease predominately found in the American Quarter Horse.
HYPP - Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis Disease (HYPP) is a muscular disease that affects both horses and humans. In horses, HYPP has been traced back to one horse named Impressive and has the alternative name, Impressive Syndrome, named after this horse.
GBED - Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency (GBED) is a fatal condition caused by the bodies inability to properly store sugar.
PSSM - Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM), also called Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (EPSM), is an inherited condition that occurs most commonly in Quarter Horses, draft horses and warmbloods, but can also show up in other breeds.
MH - Malignant hyperthermia (MH) was initially recognized as a fatal syndrome in humans, and the term describing its occurrence in swine is known as porcine stress syndrome.

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