Got Cow Horse? THANK YOU.
What people are saying.

Thanks for all your help. We were able to sell Silver and he is headed to Hawaii...Lucky horse.
Laurie and Erica Katz

Hi Kat, We sold Shining Soula!! Because of Got Cow Horse! Thanks! Jill

Boy your ads are great. Angela has been swamped with calls on Sweetie and she is already sold. Can’t believe it. Got Cow Horse is GREAT! Can you mark SOLD on the ad so Angela will stop getting all the calls.
Thanks! Bobbie

My horse was sold from ...he went to a great family .. we are happy ..
Thank you very much, Peggy

I did receive a lot of interest from your ad and will definitely reach out to you again.
Thanks, Sarah
Thanks for your help, she sold this week. Brian

Good News, I finally sold my mare Smart Little Dual. I received lots of enquiries from your site.
Thanks for your help. Becky

We sold him thanks to your site! I will list some more soon.
Thanks, Terry

Crazy Cat Lady has been sold. The buyer found her on Got Cow Horse.

Thank you so much for everything Kat. Thank you for going the extra mile to make the ad’s look like our website!! We really do appreciate all of your hard work!!
You’re the best!! Shari

Thanks for the help. Will contact you again when we have another one.
All the best, Sheri

I just wanted to tell you thanks again for getting the email blast out so quickly. Both horses sold very well at the Black Hills Stock Show. A couple of people that saw the ad called in and bid over the phone. They didn't end up with them, but every bid helps! We will absolutely do this again the next time.
Take care. Leslie Hill

I wanted to let you know we sold Solo last week. Thank you for all your help and a great job of Laurel Denton

I have sold all of my horses. Thank you for your help. Your service has been wonderful !!!

Looks fabulous - and sounds awesome!!! Thanks for everything!!!! You ROCK!!!

(After 2 hours of email blaster)
Thanks! I have had a lot of people contact me about her. Fingers are crossed : )
Wendy Cornwell

It wasn't easy to let go of that horse, he was the coolest, but I did want to thank you. Your website and you have been great to work with.
Mary :)

Your eblast is working....Got a call on filly yesterday from a bay arena trainer looking for his client.
Thanks. Terri

Thanks for all your help. I sold my Mare ARC Shining Example.

thank you, thank you, thank you!! you're awesome! woo hoo IM BACK IN THE SADDLE, ANOTHER FORM OF EXPRESSION..... May the horse be with you..........
Lynne Davis

Thanks for the great work on the ad.I sold Rosie yesterday.
Travis Bock

You are great. Ad looks great. Many thanks,
Brent Lester

5/5 for customer service and quality! Thanks!
Ryan Nelson